Essay on the PAKULA / FONDA Collaborations
“The industrial standing and cultural presence of Fonda and Pakula during this period of Hollywood history suggests that ‘neglected’ films such as Comes a Horseman and Rollover can, and indeed should, be discussed in greater detail despite being overshadowed by the various interests Klute has attracted. Peter Krämer’s article on this phase of Fonda’s career discounts these two films as anomalous due to their commercial shortcomings, two ‘blips’ in an otherwise extraordinary run of hits between 1977 and 1981. He does, however, nominally link Comes a Horseman and Rollover together thematically, along with The China Syndrome, Nine to Five, Fun with Dick and Jane and The Electric Horseman (1979), as critical portraits of corporate power. Locating these two films in Pakula’s career has proven even more of an enigma for film historians…”