Essays on THE PARALLAX VIEW (Part 2) 
"...we as viewers never see the Parallax Corporation as a threat to ourselves or even to our national security. We see it only as it defines itself: a large, faceless, anonymous corporation. This image, together with the big-business architecture, is Pakula’s metaphor for the threat of the dehumanizing corporate entity in American life, which may well destroy freedom—personal as well as political."
Michael Small: "I’ve always been attracted by patriotic anthems—and scared by them." Pakula: "And you hear cheering sounds along with this cheerful music. But you know it’s the sound of evil. It’s being used to make you think they are patriotic." 
"The reader will recall that Lee Harvey Oswald, during his brief time in the custody of the Dallas police, denied murdering the president and cried out to reporters: "I'm a patsy! I'm a patsy!" – strange behaviour for someone who, according to Parkland and the Warren Report, killed Kennedy to become famous. The Parallax View, written by David Giler, Lorenzo Semple Jr and an uncredited Robert Towne, describes how such patsies are created." 
“...identical pictures appear to change 'without changing.' The impression made by a sweet rural mother shifts radically when placed before shots of filthy, impoverished children. When placed in a context of persecution, her very expression seems to change too. A sensitive viewer knows his reactions are being manipulated, sculpted by the cutting.”