A paper on representations of trauma in SOPHIE'S CHOICE

“But why, then, has Pakula made the choice to insist on the melodramatic nature of the story, instead of focusing primarily on the tormenting effects of a trauma on its victim? I believe the reason can be found in the differences between the media of literature and film. As I have explained, the film media reaches a far broader audience than literature does. The importance resides not in the fact that the audience is bigger, but in that it consists of people of different age categories and social classes. As a result, film directors will try to adjust their work to the taste of as many people as possible. As I have explained, the melodrama is a popular genre. One can thus expect that the genre will be enjoyed by a wide audience. Moreover, sex and violence are not appropriate for each age group. This can thus partly explain Pakula’s choice of minimizing certain after-effects, to emphasize the melodramatic ones.”